Pinots from the Leithaberg

The soils of the Leithaberg are dominated by seashell limestone and glittery mica schist. The two soil types alternate, particularly on the slopes around Donnerskirchen, so that these sites are prime examples of the complexity and unique character to be found in the region.  

The dynamic tension in these millennia-old natural boundaries between soil types in the Leitha mountain range (the Leithagebirge) finds its ultimate expression in wines of great depth and complexity.

Fortunately these geological and climatic conditions cannot be influenced by human activity. They are the region’s great treasure – a treasure that we must look after and preserve.

The vines that have been established on these sites back into the mists of time belong to the Pinot family. So, with a certain sense of humility before the caprices of nature, and a desire to fall in with the requirements of the natural environment, we have made it our business to grow Pinots. The unique conditions on the Leithaberg enable us to produce world-class Pinots with elegant fruit, finesse and fine mineral depth. We have no desire to make pseudo-Burgundies. We want to make Pinots from the Leithaberg!

Grauburgunder Classic

The taste is one of yellow bananas combined with creaminess, which is carried perfectly by the acidity. The robust and extremely limestone-rich soil yields a Grauburgunder that offers intense aromas and a distinctive minerality.

Grauburgunder Muschelkalk

Pronounced, intense aroma, scents of pear and meadow herbs, tropical fruit, spice, fresh acidity and body, dominated by mineral notes, a long finish



Subtle, elegant aroma, hints of nuts, with lively acidity, in perfect balance, a fine, lasting finish

Pinot Blanc Bergweingarten

Subtle, elegant aroma, hints of nuts, with lively acidity, in perfect balance, a fine, lasting finish

Pinot Noir Vogelsang

Fine, spicy aroma, typical Pinot Noir cherry, subtle and full of finesse, lively, soft centre, fresh finish – an absolute joy to drink.

State Winner 2021 – Pinot Noir Ried Vogelsang 2019 

Pinot Noir Leithakalk

Deep ruby-garnet in colour, well-balanced interplay of raspberry and cherry fruit, hints of dried fruit, creamy, full and mellow, firm, bright texture, well-balanced tannic structure, subtle toasted flavours, sweet fruit on the finish