Three centuries ago, our ancestors were blessed with a few small patches of vines in outstanding sites on the Leithaberg. Throughout the intervening years, our family has gradually developed an ever-deeper connection with the grape varieties they grew, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris – all the grapes of the Pinot family.

As time went by, we developed and refined our focus on Pinots by planting even more of these varieties in our top sites. We proceeded cautiously whenever we extended our vineyards, always conscious of the restraints and prerequisites of each site and microclimate. Our constant priority has been to produce wines of the best possible quality. And natural, sustainable cultivation methods have been fundamental to our achieving this. We guarantee exceptional wines of true local character thanks to the unique character of our vineyards and the care we lavish up on them.

We have ideal terroirs for great wines: the calcium- and mineral-rich soils of the Leithaberg, the unique climate of this region, the edgy juxtaposition of the Leithaberg and Lake Neusiedlersee, the contrast between hot days and cool nights… All of this combined enables us to make unparalleled, complex wines with remarkable fruit quality.

The little gullies that run through the Leithaberg bring refreshing breezes just as the grapes are ripening, ensuring cool-climate conditions in a region that otherwise has somewhat Mediterranean tendencies. This allows ideal aroma development in the vineyard.

At harvest time, we do our utmost through scrupulous selection in the vineyard to combine optimum ripeness with typical fruit character for each variety. We aim thus to make wines that are notable for their longevity. We are not looking for obvious upfront exuberance, but rather for typicity in terms of site, region and variety.

Top ratings in various trade magazines and at the Österreichischer Weinsalon (the Austrian Wine Fair) have helped establish Weingut Lentsch as a hidden gem for connoisseurs of the Austrian wine world.


State Winner 2021 – Pinot Noir Ried Vogelsang 2019
Salon Weingut – a wine fair for small-scale producers in which we first took part as early as 1992 with our Pinot Noir
Falstaff – Austria’s prestigious wine and food magazine chose us as one of the 30 best red wine estates in Austria
AWC Vienna – the Austrian Wine Challenge Vienna (Austria’s biggest wine competition) gave us a gold medal

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